NITTO Pneumatic Valve Actuator

The Aluminum Pneumatic actuator is a 90°double acting or spring return rack and pinion system,
which has been designed for the actuation of all type of 1/4 turn valves or 1/4 turn applications with NAMUR mounting standard
The special finish of the inerior surface of the body (Ra0.4-0.6Um) together with the use of antifriction pads
manufactured in material of very low coefficient of friction (LAT LUB), mounted in the pistons, prevent metal-metal contact.
NITTO E/P Positioner

The design ideas of block structure and Multi-port type, we produced the APP 1000 series E-P valve positioner which has two types, one is Linear and another is rotary. The Linear one is used for linear operation of pneumatic linear valve actuator. The rotary one is used for rotary pneumatic actuator. They control valve stroke accurately, through pressure air, according to input signal of 4-20mA being input from electrical controller control system.

In addition, the internal position transmitter and / or limit switches are easily to be assembled inside of the positioner in order to senses mechanical position change of stem being on the valve or similar device and converses to current signal of DC 4 ~ 20 mA outputs for computers or Industry Processing Control System. It is flame proof type attached internally.

The APP1000 Series E-P vlave positioner is provided with following features:
There is no resonance in the range of 5 ~ 200 Hz
Performing 1/2 Split Control without any other substitutes
Easy to adjust zero and span
Easy to convert from Reverse Action to Direct Action or vice versa
NITTO Limit Switch

The APL series limit switch box offers uncompromising standards of safety, reliability, and value.
it is designed to operate on 1/4 turn pneumatic actuator, and is rugged enough for industrial applications,
Four innovative models make up the full line of valve monitoring system, the APL200, APL300, APL400 & APL500 series.
Each model offers local visual display with remote switch signaling for continuous flow indication.
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