BELVEN (Belgium Ventiel / BELGIUM)

Being a specialist in industrial valves, Belven focusses on ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, strainers, check valves, The production of the valves is set up according to ANSI, DIN and JIS and is available in different executions and sizings from DN 15 up to DN 2800. Additionally Belven provides a wide range of solutions around the valve, including motorization, control and signaling.
Belven can supply ball valves for a wide range of applications; from brass material for usage with water up to flanged stainless steel for usage with corrosive media. Due to the quarter-turn control ball valves are easy to operate and suited for automated processes.

Model : BV1, BV2, BV3, BV4 DIN, BV4 ANSI, BV6, BV7, BV8
Belven Triple eccentric (offset) Design prevents galling and scratches between the metal seat and the metal disc due to its unique design. Triple offset valves are generally used in applications which require bi-directional tight shut-off in oil and gas, LNG/NPG terminal and tanks, chemical factories, and shipbuilding. They are also used for dirty/heavy oil to prevent extrusion.

Model : BV12-TRI, BV13-TRI
Belven’s high performance butterfly range adds an extra asset towards the complete butterfly range as they coverdifferent temperature and pressure ratings and different flange connections as in its standard range. Field applications for this valve differs from power generation,
hydrocarbon processing, water and waste water treatment, marine and commercial shipbuilding, food and beverage processing towards pulp and paper and sugar productions.

Model : BV10-HP,BV12-HP, BV13-HP
Belven butterfly valves are compact quarter turn valves. The body is elastomer lined providing a resilient bubble tight shut off. The valves are available in wafer or lugged variants and may be lever or gearbox operated. Linings are EPDM,NBR or Other material depending on the intended service conditions.

Model : BV12-TRI, BV13, BV10TFM
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