Belven’s high performance butterfly range adds an extra asset towards the complete butterfly range as they coverdifferent temperature and pressure ratings and different flange connections as in its standard range. Field applications for this valve differs from power generation, hydrocarbon processing, water and waste water treatment, marine and commercial shipbuilding, food and beverage processing towards pulp and paper and sugar productions.
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- Valve body is solid, heavy duty, Seat Retainer construction allows Gasket conforming to API 609.
- Optimal disc geometry and cavity free flow passage offers minimum flow resistance and high Cv values.
- Heavy duty pins connecting valve shaft to disc avoid lost motion under high torque conditions.
- Long life, easy field replaceable seat placed in body, away from flow
stream, provides bubble tight shut off. Valves are equally suitable for control and tight shut off applications.
- Low friction bearings provide maximum radial support for higher shaft loads. The PTFE lined bearings having low coefficient of friction minimizes operating torque and reduces actuator size. They are slip in-place type, easy for assembly and disassembly.
Seat options includes PTFE, EPDM, Viton Soft Seats and flexible MetalSeats to suit a variety of fluids and applications.
- Recommended for critical applications including high temperature services, throttling steam control, liquid services, gas applications, vacuum applications, corrosive fluids, refinery services, chemical services, hydrocarbon services, etc.
- Torque generated metal to metal sealing provide bidirectional tight shutoff as per requirement ofAPI 598 ,API 6D & FCI 70.2 ( class VI )
- Triple offset geometry completely eliminates seat to seal rubbing action through out 90º disc rotation . The disc seal makes contact with the body seat only at the final shut off position.
- Stellite hard facing on disc seal can be provided for abrasive services.
- Complete metal construction including seal & seat with tight shut performance enable the design to be inherently fire safe.
- Double blow out proof stem retention ensures greater safety and complies to the requirements of API 609.
- Large diameter one piece shaft construction provides better disc alignment & smooth disc rotation between 0-90 º.
- The shaft is connected to the disc through a key & pin to absorb differential expansion due to temperature differential.
- The shaft is guided with two long bearings which are hard chrome plated or stellited depending on applications.
- Bearing protection seals are provided optionally for gas applications containing suspended particles.
- Low emission gland packing: Shaft & stuffing box finished with excellent finish & live loaded packing provides low emission shaft sealing.
- Stainless steel metal rings with in between graphite layers are carefully assembled.
- The laminated resilient metal seals are suitable for temperatures up to 1000 ºF (538 ºC).
- Seal is mounted on the body always away from the corrosive effects of the flowing media. Both seat &seal are field replaceable with our special tools.
- Mistake proof bolting system of seat & seal to facilitate the mounting of seat & seal in one & correct position only.
- Wide gaskets for seat & seal to eliminate leakage past the face of seat or seal under high temperature conditions.
- In built mechanism of disc prevents decentralization of disc under high temperature & pressure conditions.
- Rigid disc construction minimizes disc deflection.
- Positive external valve position indication.
- Materials conforming toNACEavailable on request.
- Heavy duty operator mounting bracket with ISO mounting facility for variety of actuator models.
The torque transmitted by the shaft to the disc generates uniform seating forces on the entire circumference of the disc seal. The laminated seal flexes & gets energized in the direction of sealing all over its entire circumference .The resiliency of the disc seal al­lows valve body and disc to expand or contract without producing any jamming effect under a fluctuating temperature range. The torque generated radial compressive force equally distributed around the circumference provides bidirectional tight shutoff .
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