The SIPART? PS2 electropneumatic positioner is number 1 in its field by a very wide margin. Our past experience gathered from 15 years in the field speaks for itself and means reliability for your future applications as well.

SIPART PS2 is not the type to rest on its laurels. On the contrary: innovation, and lots of it, is the buzzword. A single model, for instance, works for both
linear and rotary actuators. The SIPART PS2 excels through its PROFIBUS PA or HART protocol, which equips it with communications capabilities. It can be operated for Windows-based HMI with the simplest PC software, and it can be used with even the smallest actuators because the fully-integrated valve block makes the SIPART PS2 a lot more compact and it comprehends external position signals also.

SIPART PS2 has a user-friendly digital display, shows operating states clearly and can be operated directly at the machine without the
need for additional equipment. SIPART PS2 excels through its reduced installation overheads, simple functional expansion with low-cost option modules
and its enhanced diagnostic functions. And these are only a few examples from a very long list of innovations.

You can choose between conventional 0/4 to 20 mA control technology with or without HART interface, or devices for use with PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus Protocol, permitting simple connection and extremely user-friendly higher-level operation and monitoring. Just a single two-wire lead provides the unit with the auxiliary power required and simultaneously facilitates communication with the control system thus enabling complete integration.


1. One device for both linear and rotary actuators
2. Choice of 0/4–20 mA without/with HART or PROFIBUS PA/FOUNDATION Fieldbus Protocol
3. Intrinsically safe version with explosion protection type EEx ia/ib or EEx n or explosion-proof housing for protection type EExd IIC
4. Minimal own air consumption thanks to piezo technology – payback within short space of time
5. Superb control accuracy through online adaptation
6. Significant time savings thanks to automatic start-up
7. Simple operation and configuration as well as manual operation via the front panel with two-line LCD display
8. Simple expansion of functions using optional supplementary modules (can also be retrofitted), e.g. for
– Position feedback
– Alarms
– Fault signaling
9. Online diagnostics functions direct or by calling PROFIBUS PA/ FOUNDATION Fieldbus Protocol or HART Protocol
10. IP66 protection – insensitive to environmental influences
11. Operating mode can be viewed during operation
12. Famous SIPART quality and reliability
The build in digital control panal, easy to do automatic setup (Calibration)., as well as to see the control valve status locally.

The display reports the error message (4) and the existing
position (60.2)  next to it 3 bars are displayed representing the imminent positioner, valve or actuator failure (red symbol from DCS).
More process security via extended diagnostic functions

The SIPART PS2 is a diagnostic specialist and will
support you with security process control. It provides
diagnostic data about itself and its environment, valve
and actuator. To fulfi ll increasing process requirements
the SIPART PS2 now offers extended diagnostic functionality

You can refer to the side & below image of status, it's easy to
monitor and understanding
Siemens SIPART PS2 Smart positioner have more information

- Cost-efficient
- Less maintenance
- Increased process safety
- Higher reliability in emergency situations
- Etc.

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By retrofittable option add-on modules, user can have more flexibilities to extended the control fuction as desiered. for example
- position feedback,
- alarms and fault messages
   (slot initiators, optional)
- Etc.
SIPART PS2 - Introduction
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